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We are fully capable of installing and maintaining your oil boiler or burner, we have many years in the industry and would provide impartial advice should you have this type of requirement for your heat needs.

This sector is utilised mainly by the private home owner as the majority of local authorities do not require this type of heat as the oil that contains in storage on the site grounds is often vulnerable if not respected in the correct manner.

As with the gas side, we work the manufacturers to deliver extended warranties based on our installations, as operatives are fully trained by the manufacturers to ensure many years of trouble free heat & hot water is maintained. We work with both kerosene for the domestic user and heavy oil for whats mainly used in the more agricultural sector.

We are registered with Oftec and have been since way before the legal requirement took effect. This was enforced on the industry and has had a good effect in protecting the consumer from the rogue trader. Always ensure that you aquire an Oftec registered technician for you and your family’s safety.

Featured Articles
Miss M. BarnsleyMiss M. Barnsley
Would just like to say a big fat thankyou to the lads (Craig Hickin, Heating team)you sent to my house on the 9th of Nov to do my heating system. We are always quick to jump on the phone about damages, faults and complaints but nobody wants to praise the ...
Alison BodillAlison BodillSheffield City Council
Thank you for a job well done the TARA (Tenants and Residents Associations)were very impressed with the lights and the service. - Alison Bodill (Sheffield City Council).
Mrs M. from SheffieldMrs M. from Sheffield
…regarding the heating upgrade which was carried out last week at my home; the workmen have done a brilliant job, the installers (Craig) were tidy in their work and I’m really pleased with what has been done.
Elizabeth from DoncasterElizabeth from Doncaster
Excellent service! We had our boiler and all radiators replaced and relocated in one day. Very efficient and well organised tradesmen. Received follow up visits by an electrician the next day and an after sales tradesman came later in the day to do final tidying up. Would happily recommend.
Trudi from SheffieldTrudi from Sheffield
Dear Denton and Nickels, I have just had my heating system replaced. I know from working in this industry you get complaints but this is not one of them. I would like to put a BIG thanks to the lads; heating guys Andy, Russ and Wayne, sparkies (Mark and Louis) ...
Rob Hall, Trinity Academy Facility Manager, DoncasterRob Hall, Trinity Academy Facility Manager, Doncaster
We started using D & N about 18 months ago, my only regret is that we didn’t use you sooner:I would just like to say D & N are one of the best contractors around and we are trying to extend the work for them here at the school by ...